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Bereza is an administrative center of Bereza region, Brest oblast’, of the Republic of Belarus. First in the written sources Bereza was mentioned in 1477. At the end of the XV century Bereza became a commercial city, receiving the city charter and the right to held weekly fairs. In 1617 Bereza became the property of Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Lev Sapieha.

Popularity to this place brought the monastery of the Carthusians, which was founded in 1648. An unknown Italian architect implemented building of the monastery.

In connection with the monastery, the city received a second name – Bereza-Kartuzskaya. The monastery facilitated the development of local trades and crafts. Gradually expanding, the monastery became one of the biggest in the entire Rzeczpospolita. At the second half of the XVII century Bereza region became a stage of military actions. The Russian-Polish (1654-1667), the Russian-Sweden (1656-1660) and the Northern War (1700-1721) were destroyed this territory. During the Northern war in the monastery met Petr I and Sweden King August 11. In 1871 not far from the city was built a railroad Warsaw-Moscow, connected the city with neighboring major cities Brest-Litovsk and Smolensk. In 1878 in Bereza, there were 7 streets and 200 houses. The population of the city and vicinity was about 5000 people. In the city, there were a Catholic church, an Orthodox church and several synagogues. Before the Second World War, there were 80 % of Jews. In wartime in Bereza was created a ghetto for Jews, which were transported here from neighboring parts and German-occupied territory. More than 8 000 Jews died here during the massacres and from hunger.

Bereza region was founded in January 1940. Regarding to population, this region was at the second place among other regions of Brest oblast’. The region consists of 112 localities, including two cities: Bereza and Beloozersk, 14 rural and 1 city council. The administrative center is Bereza. Bereza region is one of the most industrialized in Brest oblast’. In this region, there are 18 industrial enterprises, 11 agricultural, 6 building and 2 road organizations, 2 auto-transport enterprises. The work of the industrial complex is based on such city-forming enterprises as OJSC “Berezovsky Meat Factory”, OJSC “Berezovsky Cheese Factory’’, OJSC “Berezastroymaterialy”, OJSC ”Beloozersky Power and Mechanical Factory”. At the territory of the region, there are 122 historical and cultural monuments.


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